What is Diabetes?

Learn to live with Your Diabetes Type

Transcript :

Shaurya: There are a few things that become a part of you; living it up is one of them for me. I am Shaurya. I am 14 years old. And, currently, I'm studying in grade 9. My parents found out in 2008 that I have Type 1 diabetes.


Speaker: So, as parents of a child living with diabetes, we thought our lives would be more alert, careful. I remember when we first tried to give him insulin and do his blood sugar test, he was like, "Why can't I do it myself?" And, from that day onwards, he has been doing this.


Diabetes and Insulin: Shaurya leads a very normal life. Now he does his diabetes test and insulin all by himself. We lead a very disciplined life.


Shaurya: I have been playing badminton and table tennis for a few years now. My friends and family are very normal around me. I have never been treated differently. I'm just like any other guy next door. I love playing sports. And, just like my love for PS4 and running is normal, living with diabetes is my new normal. So, Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2 doesn't matter; it's my Type.




India is home to millions living with diabetes* who are at the risk of developing various health complications. With appropriate and timely care, diabetes can be managed well. Through personalized solutions, innovative medicines, education and support programs, our goal is to empower people with diabetes, to live a life of no compromise.
We believe healthcare should be as individual as you are.
At Sanofi, we believe in Your Type.

*Adapted from IDF Atlas 8th Edition 2017