Easy do-at-home exercise during Coronavirus

Easy do-at-home exercise for diabetes patients

Lockdown should not lock you down

Here are some of the daily exercises that can be performed at home.

Push up | Exercise During Covid 19


Two series of 8 push-ups

Squats| Exercise During Covid 19


Three series of 15 squats

Sit-ups or Crunches | Daily Exercise

Sit-ups or crunches1.2

Two series of 15 crunches

Lung Exercise For Prevent Corona virus

Deep stationary lunges1.2

8-12 reps of lunges

forward flexes Exercise

Forward flexes1

Two series of 15 forward flexes

Jumping Jacks Exercise

Jumping Jacks1

Two series of 20 Jumping Jacks

Weight Lifting Exercise

Small hand weight lift exercise

(Household object such as bottles filled with water can also be used)1

  • Make sure to adapt exercise intensity based on your ability and fitness level.1

  • Also, monitor your health before, during and after exercise.1

Consult your doctor before doing any exercise

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