Diabetic Diet Foods | Diabetic Recipes


Are you at risk of having diabetes?

There is nothing you can do about genetic factors, but what you can control are your lifestyle choices that help you eat right and stay physically fit.

Have you been recently diagnosed with diabetes?

Diagnosis of diabetes can be overwhelming for some as you will have to start monitoring your blood glucose levels regularly, adjust your diet, and ensure physical fitness.

Have you been put on insulins recently?

Insulin is a medicine used for treatment of diabetes and has the highest blood glucose lowering capacity.

With innovation at the heart of our business, Sanofi has been shaping the future of diabetes care since 1923.

As leader in diabetes management in India, Sanofi is committed to working with different stakeholders towards making a sustainable difference to the diabetes ecosystem in India.

One of the industry’s longest running patient support programs ‘Saath 7’

An innovative indigenously manufactured re-usable insulin pen, an award winning innovation designed to meet the needs of patients in India and the world over.

Treat yourself to healthy eating habits

Make time to understand nutrients

And let insulin do wonders for your life

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