What is Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, when your investigation reports show high blood sugar levels, it is certainly alarming for you and for your family members. This can also lead to a sequence of questions in your mind, such as what does this indicate? Is this condition normal? Have I developed diabetes?

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The presence of high sugar levels in the blood during pregnancy is known as gestational diabetes. 1

Usually, gestational diabetes is seen more commonly in the second half of the pregnancy and usually disappears after birth of the child. Diabetes in pregnancy occurs when a pregnant woman’s body fails to produce enough insulin (a hormone that controls the blood sugar levels). As a result, the blood sugar levels rise and cause gestational diabetes. 1

Gestational diabetes can create problems for a mother and her baby during and after birth. However, the risk associated with these problems can be reduced if the symptoms of gestational diabetes are detected on time and managed well.1

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