If you are new to insulin, or are already taking insulin injections, here is what you must and mustn’t do to manage your diabetes well.

Insulin DO's

Rotate the insulin injection site:

  • Injecting at the same site every time, can cause development of hard lumps and fat deposits. Avoid this by injecting at different spots within a site. 1

Double check your injection supplies you like:

While collecting your insulin from pharmacy, always check for: 2

  • Correct insulin – name and type
  • Correct insulin container – cartridge or disposable pen
  • Correct length of injection pen needles

Gentle reminders you like:

  • Problem remembering your insulin dose timings? Write down your injection doses after taking them and use reminder alarms on a watch or cellular phones to avoid missing the dose. 3

Take the right insulin dose:

  • It is important to take the right dose of insulin . While drawing insulin inside the syringe, the tip of the black plunger should be in line with the number on the syringe. While using a pen, rotate the dial to get the desired dose. 4

Fresh needle for each use:

  • Syringe and pen needles tend to become dull after use. Every time you inject insulin injection , use a fresh needle, as sharp needles cause less pain. 3

Travel Smart:

You can still enjoy your travel while being on

  • Carry extra supplies – insulin syringes, pens, needles and batteries for your pump
  • In case you are flying, carry them in your handbag, where it is not too hot or too cold
  • Always carry your doctor’s prescription

Insulin DON’Ts

Avoid injecting at certain sites:

  • Skip certain injection points. Do not inject close to the belly button or at moles or scars. The tissue there is tougher, and does not allow proper absorption of insulin. 1

Not too hot, not too cold:

  • Do not heat or freeze your insulin. If the insulin is unopened, keep it in the door of the fridge (between 2 oC and 8 oC), and if opened, keep it at room temperature in a cool dry place, away from sunlight. 2,7

Say NO to expired product:

  • Always check the expiry date of your insulin before using it. Do not use insulin that has expired. Throw away an insulin bottle that has been opened a month before. 1

Extra insulin is a big NO!:

  • If by chance you take extra insulin, your glucose may drop too low. In case you do not remember whether or not you have taken your insulin dose, or feel that you have taken lesser dose of insulin than advised by your doctor, monitor your glucose levels throughout the day. Do not take extra insulin without your doctor’s advice. 2
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