Cardiovascular disease refers to conditions that cause narrowing or blockage of blood vessels that can lead to heart attack, chest pain, and stroke (reduction in blood supply to the brain).
You will be surprised to know that the risk of death due to a heart disease or a stroke is higher in people with diabetes.
This occurs because people with diabetes are more vulnerable to develop certain risk factors that increase the chances of having a heart disease or a stroke.3

Risk Factors for Heart-Related Issues in a Patient with Diabetes

The various risk factors that contribute to heart-related issues in a patient with diabetes are3

1High blood pressure

When the blood pressure is high, it increases the risk of a heart attack, a stroke, kidney problems, and vision issues.

2High cholesterol levels

High levels of bad cholesterol have a tendency to build up and clog the blood vessels, thereby increasing the risk of a heart disease. Moreover, increase in levels of triglyceride (which is a kind of fat) can also raise the chances of a heart disease.

3Obesity and belly fat

Being overweight, obese or having excess belly fat can impair your body’s normal ability to process blood sugar putting your body at an increased risk of heart disease and associated complaints.

4A family history of a heart disease

If one or several members of your family had a heart attack before the age of 50, you have increased chances of developing a heart disease.


Both smoking and diabetes have a tendency to narrow blood vessels, thereby increasing the chances of infections in the lower leg, ulcers, slow healing of wounds, and amputation.

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