Gestational diabetes can create problems for a mother and her baby during and after birth. However, the risk associated with these problems can be reduced if the symptoms of gestational diabetes are detected in time and managed well. 1


Controlling blood sugar level would reduce chances of gestational diabetes. 1

1Monitoring your blood sugar regularly
  • One may be asked to check the blood sugar four to five times a day including - first thing in the morning and after meals. This to ensure that your blood sugar levels are maintained within the normal range. This may appear to be difficult, but it will get easier with practice.
2Healthy diet
  • With gestational diabetes eating the right kinds of food is very important, which also includes right portion of foods. The doctor will also recommend weight goals based on your weight before pregnancy.
  • A healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains, essentially foods that are high in nutrition and fiber as well as low in sugar, fat and calories.
3Physical activity
  • Regular physical activity plays an important role. Exercise decreases your blood sugar by stimulating your body to move glucose into your cells, and use for energy.
  • If your doctor permits, aim for moderate exercise on most days of the week.
  • However, start slowly if you have not been active before.
  • If adequate sugar levels are not achieved by diet and exercise, your doctor may prescribe some medication or insulin to lower your blood sugar levels.


Following are few tips to reduce your chances of gestational diabetes

  • Maintain healthy weight and consume healthy food:

Make sure you are completely healthy before you get pregnant. Excess body weight or obesity is one of the major risk factors for the development of gestational diabetes. So, try to reduce your weight by consumption of healthy foods and regular exercise. Losing even a few kilos of weight can make a huge difference in decreasing the risk of gestational diabetes. 3

  • Be active:

If you are a housewife who is planning for pregnancy and lead an extremely inactive life, start some physical activities at least 3 times a week. This may involve activities, such as cycling, swimming, jogging, brisk walking, or playing a sport like badminton or tennis. 3

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