Being active is good for all, but if you have diabetes, exercising is much more helpful. It can control your diabetes, help you lose weight and keep you healthy.2


Start slow:
  • Has it been a long while since you have last exercised? Begin by exercising slowly.1
  • 5 min break - Warm-up for 5 min before starting the exercise and cool down for 5 min after finishing exercise.1
Choose an exercise:
  • Be active in 1 or more ways, indoors or outdoors.
  • You can choose anything from walking, gardening, dancing, bicycle riding or any of your favorite sport.3
  • Walking is an easiest and safest way of being active and can be done by people of all ages.6
  • Take stairs, walk while you have to wait; in short, just find reasons to walk6.
Up your fluid intake:
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise and avoid dehydration.1
Talk to your doctor:
  • You may need to adjust your insulin dose prior to exercise. Discuss this with your doctor.4


Before you exercise:
  • Check your feet7
  • Check your blood glucose levels7
  • Stretch your muscles7
  • Always carry some sweets just in case you suffer from low blood sugar levels7
Wear Comfortable footwear:
  • Wear shoes and socks that are comfortable, well-fitting and are apt for the exercise you choose3,4,5
  • Always check your feet before and after exercising3,6
Stop exercising:
  • If you feel dizzy7
  • If you run out of breath7
  • If you feel any pain7
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