Diabetes should not stop you to travel and see new places. You just need to plan little beforehand to make sure your travel is stress-free as per your health needs.

Following are few steps you can take to ensure safe travel:

1See your doctor before you travel
  • See your doctor before you go to make sure your diabetes is in good control, or to make adjustments if necessary.2
  • If you are going to cross the time zones and you take insulin, talk to your doctor, so they can help you plan the timing of your injections.2
2Stock your medications
  • Pack twice the amount of diabetes supplies you expect to need, in case of travel delays.3
  • Never keep your insulin, blood testing material in your suitcase if you are travelling by airplane.
  • Buy a cool bag to protect the insulin from getting hot.3
  • Have all syringes and insulin delivery systems (including vials and insulin) clearly marked with the pharmaceutical preprinted label that identifies the medications.1
3Other essentials
  • Tell your travel agent that you have diabetes and explaining some of the particular requirements that you will require while travelling.1
  • Make sure you keep your health insurance card and emergency phone numbers handy, including your doctor’s phone number. 1
  • Carry your diabetes identity card.3
4Your food
  • Pack some healthy snack if your travel time is long.3
  • Try and continue following the same rule of healthy diet that you follow at home. 3
  • Drink adequate amount of water.3
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