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Speaker: What is hyperglycemia? Hyperglycemia is a blood glucose level that is higher than the healthy range or acceptable level for you. Here are some of the reasons that can lead to increased blood sugar levels: diabetes/hyperglycemia causes – eating large meals containing too much sugar/carbohydrate foods, not taking medication properly, less exercise, emotional stress, suffering from infection or fever, on steroid.


Let's now see the common signs and symptoms of diabetes, which are fatigue, frequent urination, excess thirst, excess hunger, dry, itchy skin, blurry vision.


Treating high blood sugar levels and hyperglycemia management – when you get to know that your sugar levels are high, then you must consult your doctor, follow your meal plan, and do some exercise. Check your blood sugar regularly. Take your medicines as directed.


Remember, the way to avoid hyperglycemia is by sticking to your self-management plan


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